Babis Kotsanis - I See in Your Eyes | EDM Underground [EDMU089] | Genre: Deep House | Downtempo | Chillout
Babis Kotsanis - I See in Your Eyes | EDM Underground [EDMU089] | Genre: Deep House | Downtempo | Chillout

| Genre: Deep House | Downtempo | Chillout |

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"I See in Your Eyes " is the new EP by Babis Kotsanis for the label EDM Underground.
The Ep has 2 tracks and 2 remixes of "I See in Your Eyes " track with the deep house mood plus Τhe dominant element is guitar and atmospheric mood
The first three tracks is the homonym tittle of the ep and the remixes of them from Stavros Doussis and Chris Doppler The second track called "Fell in Love Again"
Babis Kotsanis is a Greek producer, vocalist and guitar and bass player 
A perfect chemistry between rhythm, oldschool feeling and clever arrangements. 
Babis is a musician and producer living in Athens, Greece. 
He started listening to rock music at the age of 6 so in 1998 a close friend 
taught him playing the electric guitar opening for him the door to discover the music world. After years at the age of 15 Babis was impressed about listening to Techno and House music for first time ever... that's the way today he is an electronic music 
producer trying to make his dream completely come true and spread his music all over the world.

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| Genre: Deep House | Downtempo | Chillout |



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Franky Carbon-e.- Morning Ride
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